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why is there a microsoft teams but not a microsoft rivals

I feel like the general theme I've been getting into arguments around is the primacy of code as a way to solve real world problems. In my now 30 years of experience with computers I've never seen code be more than the sum of its parts, and those parts are based on money and power and human labor.

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there are some extremely insecure computer nerds on mastodon huh. I've been piled on a couple times recently for having unpopular opinions about the politics of open source software.

yeah i use two factor authentication. i have a username AND a password

Christmas is coming so with it I post my favorite meme for the occasion.

trans, NHS, CHX info 

Charing Cross has made it through another month - they're up to November 2017's referrals! Behold their blistering pace:


Current waiting list figures:

Number of people on our waiting list: 10,142

Number of referrals received last month: 286

Number of first appointments offered last month: 46

Total appointments offered last month: 887

We are currently offering first appointment to people who were referred in: November 2017


every computer is broken, covered in layers of solidified human labor that bind the fragments weakly together

why does anyone expect there to be a good web browser.

web browsers will always be the worst kind of software, it's the combination of being very complicated and very important

NFTs, capitalism 

NFTs trade huge amount of computing power and energy that we'll never get back for imaginary property rights in a spreadsheet?

okay gang, let's see who NFTs really are *pulls ghost mask off it* CAPITALISM? ALL ALONG?

avoid being assigned anything at birth by never being born

it's nice to imagine a way out of being stuck

gimmick account that’s a bird of prey pretending to be a fish or rodent or something saying that it’s fun to scamper in the field or swim near the top of the water

"sing, o muse", "once upon a time", "a long long time ago"... the great invocations to the muses are joined in the modern day by "this is a throwaway account"

mh ~ 

do you ever just think... "is".. like a depersonalized version of "i am"

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