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surreal object 

rancid canned laughter from 1988

you can't fix this by growing the commons! you're just giving the vampire more blood to suck!

capitalism survives by stealing from the commons and privatizing the benefits. THATS LITERALLY ALL IT DOES.

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it's called the 'block' chain because you 'block' people who are big fans of it

bird site 

in twitter jail for responding to the AP's tweet about their NFT

Meanwhile CSVCHAIN - Roy's NFT Emporium on the Web 3.0:

"The CSVCHAIN is held in cold storage on this USB drive to ensure its security."

how come the retort is always "if you don't want companies using your code, don't release it as free" and never "if you don't want your code to break, don't pull code from an internet rando"

Kohle stoppen oder diese süße Pinguin hat bald keine Eisscholle mehr 🐧

ableism against autistic people 

Just goes to show that all this "problematic behaviour" is projection by neurotypicals, and autistic kids are treated unfairly by their parents and ABA "practitioners" (read: systemic abusers). It's all framing and making money off the back of kids that are then traumatized for life and use maladapted coping methods.

I've been given some sort of "social skills training", and it didn't just teach me nothing, it actively kept me from growing as a person and accepting myself. And I had it relatively easy in that I'm not extremely traumatized.

- can not be turned in to alcohol
- uses electricity
- requires regular updates

- can be turned in to vodka
- can be used to generate electricity
- regrows itself*

* some peaceful gardening required

computer vs potato

- limitless suffering
- energy inefficient
- fiberglass and silicon not tasty

- conservation of energy and mass
- tasty
- is potato

mods are asleep, post tmbg 

I'm not a real doctor but I am a real worm I am an actual worm

#Gitea is joining the fediverse 🎉 We can now announce we've been accepted into the #NLnet funding round that we applied to.

Thank you to @NGIZero @dachary @forgefriends and so many others for getting us to this point.

We are very much looking forward to many wonderful things that federation within forges can support.

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