@rghvdberg @unfa or diode.zone and their live peertube streams. lovely amazing community supported by @scanlime@misc.name -> @scanlime@diode.zone

@luka @rghvdberg @scanlime@misc.name @scanlime@diode.zone I've been doing some test PeerTube straming a few months ago (half a year?). The problem is there's a lot of crucial features lacking - for example if you streaming software crashes or your connection to PeerTube gets interrupted, your stream ends right then and there.

Also - if you forget to toggle "enable DVR" (or whatever it's called) *before* you start streaming you can never change that. And the streaming starts as soon as PeerTube gets RTMP signal.


@unfa @luka @rghvdberg @scanlime@diode.zone my workaround has been to mark all my peertube streams as "permanent" so they can reconnect, and then upload the live recording separately

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