every time i turn on my audio workstation i can flex and say i'm "getting jackd up"

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@spacekookie um! i have been using qjackctl and ardour so far but i haven't tried a lot of others yet.

@spacekookie i have kind of a weird setup but i like it... there are two machines running arch that connect to a networked jack server on a raspi that's plugged into the audio interface

@spacekookie yeah it's partly because the computer is physically quite far from the audio interface and partly because i wanted to record simultaneously on two computers

@scanlime If you get the chance to try jackctl I'd be curious what features you're missing

@spacekookie is this it? I'll check it out. Mostly I just need network support, but i can deal with default parameters so it really just needs a way to set (or not assume) backends

@scanlime yea that's the one. Having a way to configure network support would be kinda cool but yea, lmk how it goes :)

@spacekookie it does not appear to work at all for me.. asks about several cards I don't care about, I say no to each, then it gives me an empty UI even though jack is running and some apps are patched together

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