computer vs potato

- limitless suffering
- energy inefficient
- fiberglass and silicon not tasty

- conservation of energy and mass
- tasty
- is potato

@scanlime I first read it in 1988 in the Alice Carnes/John Zerzan anthology " Questioning Technology" which I still have. The original was from 1984 ..

The "Questioning Technology" book is fucking prescient and well worth a read if you can find it. I think has a copy

@scanlime don’t forget potatoes can grow into more potatoes

@kerr1ck I worry that this tempts fate with computer replication

@scanlime WHen was the last time potatoes radicalized neo nazis into attempting to overthrow western democracy?

- can not be turned in to alcohol
- uses electricity
- requires regular updates

- can be turned in to vodka
- can be used to generate electricity
- regrows itself*

* some peaceful gardening required

@Firesphere @scanlime In my experience you can throw them in the nearest pile of trash and they grow fine

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