been trying to just focus on health and loved ones lately and that's been good, but I still feel just deeply lost about my career. very thoroughly burned out on the only stuff I know I can do.

@scanlime doesn't feel a little less like suck to acknowledge it? To admit to oneself "I'm just not sure what I am doing right now. Nor am I anymore sure what I should be doing?" Key is let's not get stuck in that suck, right? :)

@anotherlooktake2 eh I've been stuck in basically the same place for a very long time

@scanlime feel you. Hope you can figure things out. What's helping me is focusing more on what I can control and/or change vs circumstances which I cannot. You got this:)

@anotherlooktake2 @scanlime

A mantra I had to adopt a couple of years back, cuz overwhelm:

Whatever I can do, has to be enough.

(Ungrammatical comma included for emphasis.)

Everything is messed-up and overwhelming right now, and Job 1 for all of us -- especially Capable People -- is keeping yourself on an even keel. "First, pilot the airplane."

@scanlime I'm not sure I have anything helpful to offer but big support and empathy from me friend <3 if I can help i'm around

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