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rancid canned laughter from 1988

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@jookia you really can't trust San Francisco computer people to have coherent values

@andybalaam thanks, i was aware of the outage but this account is on the same network link that was down. i have a status account on twitter,

you can't fix this by growing the commons! you're just giving the vampire more blood to suck!

capitalism survives by stealing from the commons and privatizing the benefits. THATS LITERALLY ALL IT DOES.

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@alexisvl @agmlego This tracks to me, though I also thought it had more to do with the people who became big fans than with the music itself. I had an ex who strongly associated Coldplay with very whiny and annoying guys 😅

it's called the 'block' chain because you 'block' people who are big fans of it

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@woozle it's silly that tweeting "fuck off and die" at a corporate account is getting treated as a personal threat

bird site 

in twitter jail for responding to the AP's tweet about their NFT

Meanwhile CSVCHAIN - Roy's NFT Emporium on the Web 3.0:

"The CSVCHAIN is held in cold storage on this USB drive to ensure its security."


@alexisvl I may have had to leave some people out my life because they always treated me like this. it sucks

how come the retort is always "if you don't want companies using your code, don't release it as free" and never "if you don't want your code to break, don't pull code from an internet rando"

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