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hot take

pirate any game from a company where sales don't directly affect the actual creators' wages

buy any game that directly impacts whether the artists and coders can afford rent

Starting a new NFT project where for $10k I’ll send you the randomart output from rsa-keygen

windows os 

was checking whether my two main windows machines could run windows 11 and.. not officially at least. one has too old a cpu, the other has no tpm.

the only windows feature I'm looking forward to is graphics support in WSL, really, and hopefully there's a way to get that on win10.

old video game, faulty nostalgia 

i remember liking the Monkey Island series of videos game as a kid, but wow they have not aged well.

skimming a lets play has given me the same vibes as Airplane or Spaceballs or something- basically just the result of throwing a bunch of creative elaboration on top of a pile of extremely bland comedy that's based on unexamined hegemony.

*tries to climb your timeline* mrew! *looks determined*

I'm not sure janky little decentralized services run by actual people have a chance when people have these ridiculous reliability expectations from having being weaned on megacorp services.

It's part of the reason why I sometimes get depressed working on NetBSD, people expect every single possible configuration to work when that's simply not possible with the available developer pool and lack of corporate sponsorship.

Personally I like things to be a little broken. It's a sign of love, and humanity. Like home baked cookies that have turned into one big cookie.

using marginalized identites to shield oppressive institutions 

I've been thinking about this type of thing a lot. It bugs me so much.

Yes, some socially isolated people will have negative impacts from Facebook going down. We shouldn't save Facebook.

Yes, some sex workers use Bitcoin, and sell videos with NFTs. We shouldn't save Bitcoin and NFTs.

Yes, the for profit pharmaceutical companies manufacture the HRT and mood stabilizers I need. We shouldn't save those companies.

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things I know about baseball:
- there are many birds
- new york has five teams
- hotdogs get your hotdogs

deadnames are one of those things where if you saw one no you didn't

If NFTs have any value it's in making a mockery of the concept of ownership.

Twitter is fighting French Equalities Groups.

What does it say about your social media company when it refuses to work with groups whose daily bread is fighting hate speech?

babe are you ISO 8601 because you're the definition of a good date

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