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software moaning 

love when software you trust with your digital intimacy, like browsers and operating systems, give you extremely vague release notes that just include meaningless text or a link to the latest major release's marketing copy. we lost actual release notes long ago.

medical + 

yay, got scheduled for some minor surgery to try and deal with a chronic pain thing

wikipedia is really a perfect example of the culture our internet promotes: something that seems authoritative and straight from sci-fi, but which conceals an unbounded amount of opaque interpersonal politics that mostly just reinforce hegemony

it's bewildering that people still pay attention to the fruit cult computers

food, cooking, recipe 

salt potatoes, lazy version

get a pound of small, smooth potatoes (if you have to cut too much off of them, they'll absorb too much salt)

put them whole into an instant pot with 6c of water and 1c (yes! really!) of salt

low pressure, 1 minute cook time, then let rest sealed for 20 minutes before opening

the strong brine makes water come out rather than pushing it in, you get this really nice creamy fried/baked texture with a potato cooked in water

drench in butter

twitter really be like:

- ur never gonna believe this:
how garbage am i right????

ph - minor 

back pain o'clock
(back pain of the clock)


*looks closely at their 'clear cookies button*
*peals back the label to reveal 'deliver cookies to KITTEN.EXE'*

“The plantation came before industrialisation and the language of the plantation is embedded in the machine - we say, this part is the master and this is the slave.”

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I kinda think the ‘sexy lamp test’ doesn’t account for female characters who’s got powers and how, the excuse goes, they clearly aren’t a sexy lamp because look how they saved everyone with their powers!

So, I propose the sexy drone strike instead. This is where if you can call in a drone strike and achieve the same result story wise, then the character is still a sexy lamp, but with powers.


*vibrates ultrasonically*

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