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Strongly recommend Signals to Danger podcast if you’re interested in engineering disasters & postmortems.

The presenter is a railwayman and gives an excellent level of detail and deep-dive into the operation and procedures of the UK rail network across the years in examination of many significant rail accidents. A great one for long trips and even background listening if you want to. The most recent episode, Quintinshill 1915, dissects the deadliest accident in UK rail history with scientific but sympathetic rigour. It’s about as graphic as any episodes get.
I particularly appreciate the way Daniel Fox is scrupulous about detailing the exact procedures that should have been followed, with clarifying examples for non-rail experts, how they were contravened, and how it fits into the broader safety management system of the rail network.
It’s definitely for nerdy folks but very well done for a one-person operation.

absolutely in love with this ongoing fiction that daft punk had an unreleased track "Pee is Stored in the Balls" secretly recorded and unreleased in 2012, and only recovered this year


remembering today all the folks gone before us. i will grow old for all the people i loved who couldn’t.

egg wash but it's like a little carwash for eggs

@tindall ...I feel like it's both historical and technical?

Violence was technically feasible for people making games in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, which meant the games could be made and could find commercial success ... but that commercial success led to the building of an infrastructure to facilitate people making more violent games, both with resources like game engines and with resources like documented best practices. Feasibility was a seed crystal in an oversaturated solution, maybe.

- 🎒

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