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420 tech 

found some internal photos online but in the best ones I couldn't make out the numbers on the MCU and I don't feel like taking mine apart just yet.

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the STM32 with OLED is really just this decade's 8052 with HD44780

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420 tech 

this may in fact be the simplest way to nerdsnipe me into thinking "what if replacement firmware" for no useful reason

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420 tech 

i finally got a modern vape after getting tired of fixing my old one, and it's been good so far but it's got an OLED with text rendering that looks extremely copied from someone's STM32 example code

sleep schedule is gradually shifting to whatever my cat wants, which has been quite chaotic

peertube moderation 

love to find five hours of pirated cartoons labeled "please don't delete"

it is caturday. please try to have at least 1 fun today, for me. :3

love to extend the lifespan of consumer electronics with nonreplaceable battery by replacing battery with benchtop supply

reminder that dumping on monarchs is literally what freedom of speech is for- not racism and transphobia- never racism and transphobia. shitting on monarchs was always the point, and if we can’t do that you can’t say we have freedom of speech. that’s literally the test. period.

having subtle conversations with neighbors through the notion or stillness of various inconsequential objects


my extremely low expectations are being met

my cat is very wise with the amount of enjoyment he's able to extract from chewing a bit of tattered leather in the shape of a mouse

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