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I appreciate how damn back to the future 3 the train is in Satisfactory

I appreciate when captions are just "[PANTS]"

obviously, essentially, clearly, but it bears repeating nonetheless, 


simple positive television opinion 

tuca & bertie is a very good show

Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Java Runtime Environment

just came across this kinda charming utube doc on robot odyssey, which includes a lot of context on the environment the game came up in (and uh my thing is in it too)


The English compound noun "slurpee font" has been widely cited as an example of a word or phrase that is beautiful purely in terms of its sound (i.e., euphony) without inherent regard for its meaning.

categories of spam 

getting a surprising amount of spam for truck accessories and bounce house rentals on diode zone

choosing to interpret "lit" as "literal" when reading captions like "our lit baby shower"

social media meta + 

I kinda love how inconsequential birdsite feels when I don't post there

face hurts and my dentist appointment is still more than a month out

opened elephant site to a bunch of sympathy for weapons company employees, did this place merge with bird site already

when the creator of octocat adventures* speaks, you listen. David Oreilly is dead on.

*and other dope shit too

I need every infosec person to understand that surveillance capitalism is structural, not individual, and we are not going to ethically-consume our way out of it please and thank

Debunking "severe autism," ableism, suicide, mental & physical health 

"Autistic people who are labeled as severe are immediately dehumanized and their potential is misunderstood or overlooked. Complex medical conditions causing pain, seizures, OCD, or widespread inflammation are treated as behavioral. Motor planning and disinhibition are treated like intellectual disability.

"Conversely, those who have fluent speech have their support needs ignored— a truth that leads to unemployment, arrests, homelessness, addiction, PTSD, and astronomically high suicide rates. If they are 'mild,' they must not have real needs.

"This false binary means that any autistic person with the access to communicate with words gets painted as not understanding 'severe autism' or being 'mild.' Those without access or not doing public-facing advocacy are painted as having 'severe' or 'profound' autism and 'needing [lobbyists] to be their voice.'

"This argument is harmful to all autistic people and erases their complexity and nuance. It benefits no one but lobbyists trying to serve their own interests that depend on public and lawmaker ignorance."

- Terra Vance, “Severe Autism” is a label intended to keep you from hearing autistic advocates

it's cute when you grab a telephoto lens to look at something far away but it renders a low LOD for the model because of your distance

bird site + 

read-only bird site is actually pretty great since as soon as something makes me mad enough to post I just close it instead

type of UPS that turns off and stays off during a power outage, necessitating a special trip to go reset the UPS after power comes back

"what is this song that's stuck in my head"
several wikis later, it is revealed to be an esports marketing project

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